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Online Platforms

Explore and demo our GoTrade brand of online trading solutions and financial services

02 Market Education

Market Education

New to investing in stocks? Do you want to learn some expert tools of the trade? Our team authors a wide variety of introductory, intermediate and advanced informational content for your learning needs.

03 market research

Research and Analysis

Browse our other publications, market round-ups, fundamental and technical analysis, commentary and infographic, and statistics.

04 mobile stock investing

Mobile Stock Investing

Trade the stock market, view your portfolio, check your pending orders, find a quote – all from your mobile device. It’s that easy and convenient!

05 market data

Market Data

Take advantage of our depth of market data to ensure you make the best financial decisions.

Broker Assisted Trading

Broker Assisted Trading

We know you love being online, but we know so much of life happens offline. Our licensed traders are just a call away to place your order when connection gets choppy.

07 stock transfer services

Stock Transfer Services

Have questions about stock or cash dividends? Certificated share lodgement and upliftment processing? You’re in good hands. Our dedicated staff is on call to help you.

08 primary and secondary

Primary & Secondary Rights Purchases

Our team will guide you through every step of the process of purchasing new IPO or secondary rights shares issued on the Exchange.