A Mobile Investing and Online Stock Trading Platform

Our online platform gives you the freedom to manage your portfolio and make your trades quickly and efficiently. Benefit from the wide array of stock information, real-time quotes and charting tools to keep updated and to seize every window of opportunity the market presents to you.

Basic Features

A comprehensive, browser-based trading solution

Order Management System

Keep track of what you’re doing

A simplified, but no-less-powerful version of Order Management Systems used by professional brokerage houses to enter in trades.

Fast fingers but no fat fingers, when you can trade instantly.

  • Trade Entry Interface (Buy & Sell Orders)
  • GTC Orders
  • Oddlot Board 
  • Iceberg Orders

Real-time Market Data

Real-time Market Data to monitor momentum and volume.

Overviews of daily best performers and laggards, see where the buzz is quickly and precisely.

  • No Delay Stock Information
  • Instant Stock Quotes
  • Stock Ticker
  • Bid/Ask Page
  • Time & Sales
  • Market Depth
  • Gainers & Losers (Daily)
  • Most Active (Daily)
  • Sector & Most Active Heat-Maps

Portfolio Viewer

The Portfolio Viewer is your wealth management health check. 

Designed as a dashboard, see your trading history, gains, losses, valuations and portfolio analytics.

  • Stock Position & Valuation Snap Shot
  • Total Portfolio Valuation
  • Profit & Loss 
  • Average Cost Prices

A Clever Interface

Designed to enhance your trading experience

Order Ticket

The interface has been designed to give you maximum control while reducing the likelihood of costly errors.

Our Order Ticket module allows you to confirm trades before they push through.

  • Buy/Sell Order Ticket overlays are linked to the stock code you’re viewing
  • Ticket displays Last Traded Price, Time & Sales, Market Depth

The Philippine Stock Exchange

Unlike any trading solution available today, only our platform is the trusted and preferred Order Management System of the Philippine Stock Exchange

A Full Solution

A Trader’s Dashboard

Technical Analysis Suite

Charting Tools lets you generate investment ideas, strategize your next move and analyze historical performance

  • Retracement Analysis
  • Fibonacci Analysis
  • +40 Technical Indicators
  • Up to Three (3) Indicator Overlays
  • Tweak & Combine indicators to form an Unbeatable Strategy
  • Three years of historical Market Data to plot your charts for short term and long term trades
  • Refresh Chart Overlay with all Technical Indicators

PSE Edge Access

Custom Alerts

Information steers the markets- so what better place to get information than directly from the source?

Up-to-the-minute market shaking news & information straight from the Exchange’s own, PSE Edge System

  • Live Company Announcements Ticker
  • Live Structured Reports Ticker
  • Live Int’l Indices Updates
  • Block Sale Alerts

Custom price alert features that push to your mobile & model portfolios, use these tools to help you forge ahead with all your great investment ideas.

  • Custom Stock Price Alerts
  • Create up to 3 Watchlists
  • Push Stock Alerts to Mobile

After Hours Trading

An investment idea can strike anytime… during a late night charting session or when you’re flipping on the evening news to see the European markets tanking.

Our platform lets you place orders the night before so you can be first in line for the next day’s morning sessions.

Mobile Trading Application

Trade on your phone or tablet

Take the platform out of the browser and into your device.

(also includes the following features):

  • Portfolio Viewer
  • Check Money Balance
  • Stock Quotes
  • Last Traded Prices
  • Stock Position & Valuation Snapshots
  • Average Cost Information
  • Profit & Loss

Never Miss a Trade

We’ve opened every line of communication so even when your technology isn’t cooperating, we can still come through for you.

Broker Assisted Trading

Can’t access your app ›

Chat with an actual Trader on our website

Wi-Fi Down? 

Call us on our hotline during trading hours or send an SMS

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We’re on Messenger!

  • Landline: 02 -242 – 4006 ask for a Trader


  • Telegram
  • Viber
  • Whatsapp
  • WeChat
  • Messenger 


The safety of your account is a top priority, which is why we’ve implemented 2FA to guard against unauthorized access.

  • Credentials safely stored on our servers
  • Account Maintenance requests performed privately, securely through your registered email
  • 2FA protects your credentials so your account is only accessible by you.

Safely login on any browser with your mobile device as your key

Our internal controls to ensure your account’s accuracy:

  • Daily Balancing & Reconciling so your Account is accurate down to the last share & centavo
  • Your stocks kept & handled by the Philippine’s top depository institution
  • Request a Certified True Copy of your Statement of Account any time

Why 2FA?

  • Did you know that a form of 2FA is used to prevent rouge nuclear missile strikes? That’s how safe we think your trading experience should be.

Technical Requirements

Minimum Hardware Requirements

Online Trading Platform:

  • ✔ Hardware

Any Windows or Apple PC, Laptop or Tablet Device

2GB RAM DDR3 or higher

  • ✔ Internet Connection

128 kbps or higher,

Broadband, DSL

– or –

WiFi Connection

  • ✔ Any of the following internet browsers:

Internet Explorer IE 10 or higher

Firefox 30 or higher

Chrome 40 or higher

Safari 5 or higher

  • ✔ Smartphone/Tablet 

iOS (Phone)

Android (Samsung, Vivo, Oppo)

* Please read below

Mobile Device Trading:

  • ✔ Smartphone or Tablet

For Non-Apple users:

Android 4.4 or higher

1GB RAM or higher

For Apple users:

iPhone 4 or higher

1GB RAM or higher

  • ✔ Internet Connection

Mobile Data

– or –

WiFi Connection

* Only one mobile device can be registered to your Online Trading Account- that mobile device is your one and only key access for all log ons.

Attempts to use an unregistered device to log on will result in errors and account lock-outs

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